Cullmann PRIMAX 390

Cullmann PRIMAX 390 - provides evidence of an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The PRIMAX tripods are based on years of experience with the successful PRIMAX 1 series. All models have a crank-operated column and are thus highly suitable for photo and videography with CSC-systems, DSLR-cameras or camcorders.

Compared to their predecessors, the quality of individual tripod parts, such as e.g. the tripod star, the crank drive and the quick-action clips to clamp the tripod legs, was improved even further. What remained are the well proven elements of the PRIMAX series 1 , such as the 360 degree rotatable, robust rubber feet, robust foam padding of the top tripod leg segment, the anodized aluminium profile tripod legs and the centre column, as well as the convenient camera QRC system. Also taken from the successful PRIMAX 1 series is the robust tripod bag, which is included on all models.

The PRIMAX models also appear in their very own design with practice oriented operation, as accustomed by the PRIMAX tripod series. This is also valid for the 3-way head, which is delivered with all PRIMAX models. It has been specially developed for CSC-cameras and medium size DSLR-cameras. Furthermore, the PRIMAX series now is equipped with the CULLMAN camera QRC System, which has been approved over decades.

With these properties, the PRIMAX series offers the price-conscious photo and video amateur stable tripods, which ensure excellent access into the fascinating world of tripod shooting.

Features of the PRIMAX 390:

  • Tripod legs and crank-operated centre column made of anodized aluminium profile
  • Robust foam padding of the top tripod leg segment
  • Torsion resistant and robust tripod star
  • Variably adjustable centre bracing for more stability
  • Precision crank drive for centre column adjustment
  • Skid resistant rubber feet, moveable by 360 degree
  • Convenient quick-action clips for comfortable tripod assembly and disassembly
  • Stable stand due to secure tripod leg clamping
  • Robust tripod bag bag with adjustable shoulder strap

Features of the PRIMAX 3-way head:

  • Compact 3-way head with separate 3-fold clamping
  • Proven camera QRC system with 1/4 inch camera fastening screw
  • Robust camera adapter with skid resistant cork padding
  • Suitable for CSC and medium size DSLR-cameras
79.00 €